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  • Banter Booster #19: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Banter Booster #19: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Welcome to Banter Booster! I’m David, and here’s how I felt speaking with the amazing next generation of SLP2B at Sydney University last week:

How do you do, fellow young professionals?

We’ve tracked down lots of useful tools and resources for you this week:

  • FREE therapy and client resources about neurodiversity, nasal anatomy, sound effects, and aphasia groups

  • FREE training opportunities about DLD diagnosis and reading comprehension

  • FREE activity ideas for working on phonological awareness skills

  • Information about the upcoming ‘Delving into DLD’ event in Sydney on 12 July, hosted by our friends at The DLD Project

  • FREE private practice tips on transparency, having a go, and supervision

  • Open-access research/summaries, including updates on DLD terminology, theory of mind measures, and peer-befriending for people with aphasia

  • Perspectives on clients, work and life, including key phrases that mean ‘nothing will happen’!

Let’s go!

Free Therapy Resources

Free Training Opportunities

If you are in NSW, we’d love to see you!

Activity Ideas for Phonological Awareness

Remember to prioritise grapheme-phoneme links, & blending/segmenting skills:

Private Practice Tips

Open-Access Research & Summaries


Thanks for reading this week’s Booster. Please share it with colleagues and anyone else who might benefit from a weekly dose of 90s pop culture references!

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