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  • Banter Booster #21: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Banter Booster #21: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Welcome to Banter Booster! I’m David, and we’re back!

Watching my grumpy sons leave for school…

We’ve furnished a dreamhouse of useful tools and resources for you this week:

  • FREE therapy resources, including a free resource spreadsheet, academic vocab sorted by spelling patterns, and a one-minute survey to spot young children at risk for language difficulties!

  • FREE training opportunities about babies’ cognition, connecting reading and writing instruction, and on marrying medical and neurodiversity-based approaches to better support autistic clients.

  • Tool of the week: a GIF-based Early Concepts Pack combining concepts and syntax to bring early language to life.

  • Useful idea: Thousands of free Lego instructions!

  • Private practice tips on energy, ancillary exercise, and stoicism!

  • Open-access research/summaries: our thoughts on ChatGPT, a new edition of an old expressive vocab assessment, and a new Pragmatic Protocol.

  • Perspectives on work and life, including a singing baby!

Let’s go!

Free Therapy Resources

Free Training Opportunities

Tool of the Week

Useful Idea

Private Practice Tips

Open-Access Research & Summaries

Client & other perspectives

Thanks for reading this week’s Booster. If you found it useful, please share it with colleagues!

Stay beach!

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