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  • Banter Booster #26: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Banter Booster #26: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Welcome to Banter Booster! I’m David, wishing you all a very happy Speech Pathology Week!

Too much for a Monday, or not enough?

We’ve collected lots of useful tools and resources for you this week:

  • FREE therapy resources, including an early language stim refresher for clients from one of my favourite people, decodable book selectors, and practical tips for aphasia clinicians by asking “What would Audrey Holland do?”

  • FREE training opportunities about autism & task overwhelm; and the science of reading.

  • Tool of the week: 20 things you should know about your legal rights & responsibilities in the workplace.

  • Useful idea: a comic-making syllabus!

  • FREE private practice tips about avoiding gossip & people pleasing; and continuous progress (which does not mean perfectionism)!

  • Open-access research/summaries on genetic correlations between psychiatric conditions, and the many benefits of music for preschoolers

  • Client and other perspectives on work and life, including the difference between fluency and good communication, reliable information about the coming Voice Referendum, and the Inigo Montoya hack for surviving networking events!

Let’s communicate for life!

Free Therapy Resources

Need an ‘Insta-accessible’ early language stim refresher for families? Juliana Li has you covered!

Look at me QR Coding IG like a youngling!

Free Training Opportunities

Tool of the Week

Useful Idea

Private Practice Tips

Open-Access Research & Summaries

Client & other perspectives

Thanks for reading this week’s Booster. If you found it useful, please share it! The more the merrier. And remember, this week:

“Communicating for life,” to be more precise!

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