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  • Banter Booster #28: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Banter Booster #28: Useful tools and resources for speech pathologists

Welcome to Banter Booster! I’m David, and it’s finally spring!

Farewell, winter.

We’ve collected lots of useful tools and resources for you this week:

  • FREE DLD, behaviour management, and poetry therapy resources

  • FREE training opportunities about Parkinson’s disease and a handy primer on elaboration theory

  • Tool of the week: Criterion-referenced writing assessment/screener and scoring checklist

  • Useful idea: Reading buddies TV on YouTube

  • Private practice tips: how to create a ‘speak up culture’, and run 1-1 meetings with team members

  • Open-access research/summaries: DLD Ax for multilingual children, why we should talk with babies more, and how to improve cough assessments

  • Client and other perspectives on school inclusion, living with DLD, and language learning through play!

Let’s, um, catch ‘em all!

Free Therapy Resources

Free Training Opportunities

Tool of the Week

Useful Idea

Private Practice Tips

Open-Access Research & Summaries

Client & other perspectives

Thanks for reading this week’s Booster. If you found it useful, please share it with colleagues!

Enjoy some sunshine this week!

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